I started this page to show you how to perform workouts when you only have limited time.
When you ask people "why don't you workout?" the most popular answer is "I barely have time".
I think all people have phases in which you have more or less time for physical activities.
I shorten the time I workout and try to make it more efficient by applying active breaks ( that's how we called it in physical therapy school).
Maybe at first that sounds not really inviting, but let's have a look, it will definitely worth the struggle!

Online workout plans: one month/ 28,- Euro --> INDIVIDUALIZED 

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Ich habe meine Instagram- Seite erstellt, um Euch die Möglichkeit zu geben, auch mit wenig Zeit etwas für eure Gesundheit und eure Fitness zu tun.
Mit aktiven Pausen ( wie wir es in der Physiotherapie Ausbildung nannten).
Das Ergebnis sind knackige, suffiziente Workouts.

Online Trainingsplan: Ein Monat/ 28,- Euro --> INDIVIDUELL ANGEPASST 
Personal Training: 60 Min./ 60,- Euro